Active Escape: Summersalt Yoga Retreat

My life has been lately very busy with work, looking for a new flat, pilates classes and other spare time activities and my body was slowly but consistently telling me it’s time to slow down and reset. As movement is a huge part of my every-day life, I was looking for an option that would involve both, some chilling time and sports activities for my daily dose of endorphines:)

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That’s why I was beyond excited to spend one week at Summersalt Yoga Retreat  in Vis, Croatia. As this was my very first yoga retreat I didn’t know what to expect but Summersalt Yoga Retreat really did prove to be the best choice possible.  I’m very excited to share with you all the reasons why. I can’t recommend this retreat enough not only for yoga classes but for the hospitality, the food, the location on one of the prettiest Croatian islands, and the calming atmosphere, which altogether make this retreat just the perfect combination for an (active) escape from the hectic city life.  At the moment I walked into the serene villa just above Vis old town I realised how much I was craving this. One week of peaceful paradise with a lot of movement, laughter, delicious food, wine and island exploring!

The villa is located uphill from the town’s bay and only 5-minute walk from the center and 10-minute walk from the beach. I immediately fell in love with the villa’s view to the town and the Vis bay (not to mention amazing sunsets) and with the open terrace where we had yoga classes. During an early morning run I was amazed by small church at the very end of the pier. And when I took a stroll around the town in the evening I discovered even more beauty as I got lost in the old streets of Kut set amongst houses and flowers.  This town really does feel like a little piece of paradise.

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Although I am a pilates teacher I do appreciate a good yoga class and Summersalt Yoga again surprised me in a positive way. They offer two yoga classes each day; morning power yoga for some strength work and evening restorative yin yoga classes which were new to me but I enjoyed them a lot. Our yoga teacher Leah Sugerman helped us throughout our practice although we were all on a different level and nicely led us in meditation which was a fairly new but joyful experience for me. With her help I managed to overcome my fear for inversions and even did my very first headstand which makes me super proud :).

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The food in the villa was AMAZING. Our host Milda prepared delicious breakfasts and dinners, with vegetarian, vegan or raw options, and a lot of locally grown seasonal fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs. For all the sweet tooth’s out there, Milda’s banana bread is one of the best I’ve tried so far. One evening we went to traditional restaurant “konoba” where we indulged in seafood and local wine.

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Moving on to the trips and other activities – we visited the Blue Cave, a water-logged sea cave located in a small bay called Balun on the east side of the island of Biševo with its stunning silvery-blue color, picturesque village Komiža and some other breathtaking beaches on the island.

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I could talk about this retreat for way more paragraphs but I’m aware that this post could get very long. I think that this is somewhere we should come for several days every year. Mediterranean food, epic scenery, sea breeze, old streets and clear blue water to dive in really do magic. I feel like I’ve been away for a very long time but it was only a week-long retreat.  The people I met, yoga and well-needed me-time gave me the energy for whatever challenges are awaiting (now I am ready :)). I left the island grateful and inspired and cannot wait to start realising all the ideas I got.  Namaste.





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